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Leonard Kurkowski, Principal Leonard Kurkowski Architect PC

Raised as the son of a carpenter, construction sites were the playground where an early childhood fascination with construction and building design captured Len's imagination.  As a young boy whenever a pencil was in hand houses and skyscrapers were the objects that were most likely drawn. 


One day his fifth grade teacher commented "because you always drawing buildings you should become an architect some day".  From that day forward Len's goal was set and many years later a successful career in architecture was pursued at New York Institute of Technology. 

For over 35 years Len has been designing and refining architecture

in New York City and Long Island.  Commitment to superior service, innovation, design excellence and quality project delivery are the cornerstones of the his successful practice. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson coined the phrase "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm".  After 35 + years in practice Lens enthusiasm for the craft he loves has not waned as he continues to deliver the quality architecture.

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