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Most architectural projects require the services of a licensed architect in order to secure the proper permitting with all municipalities and to insure that the project is designed to be building code compliant. There are many services  that we can offer and they are tailored to the specific scope of each project.  In their simplest form  these services include:

  • Site analysis

  • Zoning code analysis

  • Building code analysis

  • Feasibility studies and project program development 

  • Inspections and evaluations of existing buildings

If the project scope requires a more in depth design analysis the following services may be needed in addition to the above items:


  • Preliminary site design

  • Preliminary building plan design

  • Preliminary building elevation studies

  • Preliminary construction cost estimates


In some instances before a project can move forward after the preliminary design phase, municipal approvals such as site plan approval, a variance or a special permit must be sought.  These approvals can determine if a project can move forward to the construction phase.  The services Leonard Kurkowski Architect offers related to these approvals include:


  • Building permit application preparation

  • Variance and special permit application preparation

  • Site plan approval application preparations

  • County Planning Commission site plan or subdivision approvals 

  • Presentation of any of the above project applications before the Boards or Commissions having jurisdiction.


All architectural projects require the analysis of site conditions and site development. When a project involves either the subdivision of property or a large tract use such a condominium development the need for proper site planning is critical.  Leonard Kurkowski Architect can provide those important services some of which include:

  • Site selection

  • Subdivision design and site yield analysis

  • Site grading design

  • Building placement

  • Parking design

  • Storm water management design

  • Utility access and placement


In addition to proper site planning another important task is obtaining municipal approvals.  Leonard Kurkowski Architect has many years of experience with preparing the necessary applications and expediting the paperwork through the various municipal agencies that must approve the land use and development.  This is sometimes an arduous process so attention to detail, coordination, persistence and familiarity with the municipal agency are critical to obtaining approvals in a timely manner. For most projects time is of the essence and delays are costly. We are keenly aware of this factor and have developed a permit management process that insures that the minimal time is used securing approvals.


The interiors of all new buildings require the selection of the finish materials and furnishings. The careful selection of those elements is critical to the creation of building environments that are enjoyed by the occupants.  The interiors should be designed to compliment the exterior facade.  The materials selected should be analyzed for their durability, occupant comfort and enjoyment. Leonard Kurkowski Architect can provide those important interior design services which include but are not limited to:

  • Color selection

  • Material selection such as flooring, wall finishes, trim and ceilings

  • Hardware selection

  • Lighting fixture selection

  • Architectural cabinetry design

  • Unique stair and railing designs

  • Unique design features 

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